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We provide electrical services for domestic homes and commercial property. We specialise in servicing Melbourne in both the CBD and inner and outer suburbs. Our team of experts are available for call outs and emergency electrical service and repair.


We value your time and ensure we are prompt to begin and complete all our projects.


Electrical work can be expensive but we ensure we are affordable and competitive every time.


All our qualified electricians are licensed and insured. We have the knowledge and expertise to help with all your electrical needs.


Have an emergency? We are available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to call us anytime.

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Your Electrician Melbourne provides you with the best, most experienced and qualified contractors in Melbourne. If you need maintenance, repair or even a call out we are there to help fulfil all your electrical needs.

CCTV and Security

Your Electricians Melbourne works with you to develop and install your CCTV and security needs. We work with the latest equipment and most up to date technology to ensure your home or office is safe. We help with planning, installation and maintenance in this area.

Domestic Electrical Services

We are available for all your local electrician needs in Melbourne. We specialise in domestic lighting, repairs, installations and renovations and offer a qualified and exceptional service. Our fully licensed electricians are available for quote and call out.

Commercial Electricians

We service all your commercial needs in and around Melbourne. Electricians are available to come to your workplace. This includes emergency call outs, service and maintenance. We offer competitive rates in and around the Melbourne CBD and look forward to your project.

24/7 Support

We are available in and around the Melbourne CBD including the Northern Suburbs and Greater Melbourne area. Our electricians are available to answer your call in both domestic and commercial emergency call outs. We provide you with what you need, when you need it.

Switches & Switchboards

It is essential to have a qualified electrical working on your safety switches and switchboard. We can service, repair and upgrade your safety switches. We have lots of experience in this area and are happy to discuss your options with you. Make sure you use an expert.

Power Points

Power points are always in need of repairing and upgrading. We are happy to look at any faulty power points and replace. We also install new points and can include USB sockets. We test and check all our work to ensure you the safest and most reliable upgrades.

Kitchen & Bathroom

If you are renovating your home or office or working on a completely new design we are here to help. We ensure your development or renovation meets the requirements for safety and this includes circuits and switchboards. We can provide quotes and assessment.


We can help you arrange al your data cabling for your home and office. We specialise in relocating, hiding and adding new lines to your existing infrastructure and help you set-up a completely new area. We can visit to make an assessment if this is required.

LED Installation

LED lighting is in high demand and we have the best quality and energy saving forms of LED lighting available on the market. We work with you to replace or install new LED lighting units and our technicians are experts in this are. We pride ourselves on working with the latest technology.

Why You Need To Find A Licenced Electrician?

If you are going to have electrical work done, you should try to find a licensed electrician. These are individuals that have gone through the process of passing the necessary tests, allowing them to be licensed to practice their profession in your particular state. All of the electricians that pass the test have also gone through a substantial amount of training, usually years on the job. Whether you are looking for a journeyman electrician, or a master electrician to handle a larger project, they need to be fully licensed to be employed by your company. Here is how you can find licensed electricians that will be more than happy to help you with your project.

What Will The Licensed Electrician Be Able To Do For You?

A licensed electrician is an individual that has years of experience in rewiring electrical circuits, as well as installing entirely new ones. They may be able to install generators, power lines, and will be well-versed in installing circuit breakers or outlets. The amount of experience that they have will depend upon how long they have been working with electricians that are much better than they are. For example, if it is a new apprentice electrician, they will have years of experience under the tutelage of a journeymen or master electrician.

How Do They Get Their License?

They will be able to get their license by simply contacting the local departments in their area where they can schedule a test. They must first complete electrician classes, usually those provided by accredited schools that can offer diplomas or certificates. Once they have become an apprentice, they can then earn their license. They will need years of experience to even qualify. This will be followed by certification, allowing them to take on jobs without needing to work under a master or journeyman electrician.

What If You Hire Someone That Does Not Have A License?

This is something that you may want to consider because these electricians are going to work for far less than an individual that is fully licensed to do so. However, you are at risk of working with an individual that may not understand how to complete the job. Most of those that do not have a license have minimal experience in most issues related to installations and repairs. You will also not be able to sue them as easily if they make a significant mistake which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Lawsuit may go through, but it will simply focus upon the fact that they may have lied about having a license when you decided to use them.

It is so important to work with these companies that do have certified electricians that are fully licensed. There are also individuals that you can hire that will have the same qualifications. Being licensed means that they have gone through all of the necessary training and education that is necessary to become a fully certified electrician. Make sure that they can show you proof of this, and if they do, you can then decide to choose one based upon their experience and the amount of money that they are going to charge you for their services.

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